Workshops are conducted electronically or in house by negotiation.​

Do you know it is cheaper to host in-house training than send one person to a professional development session. Most professional development sessions are $350 – $660 per person. For as little as $800.00 per day you can train up to 15 people. That is only $53 per person!! Email: wendy@catohr.com.au for details on any workshops or personal tuition


Can’t make a workshop or need help ASAP. Why not book a “personal” 2 hour tutorial (via skype, teams or zoom etc.)  which includes templates, notes(where relevant)  and personal assistance, so you can get help when you want it!! 

Designing Compliant Assessments Instruments

Auditors now concentrate heavily on your standard of assessments. Want to get your assessments right every time – the first time? Our  workshops are hands on practical workshops. Our fail safe process is simple and effective In these workshops you will learn how to :

•       Produce compliant assessments every time
•       Produce compliant assessment mapping documents
•       Produce mapping documents

Designing RPL Instruments and Processes

RPL workshops are hands on. This practical workshop will assist you with the following:

  •   Develop a RPL framework that is client focused
  •    Use RPL as a marketing tool and to increase service delivery
  •    Create compliant RPL tools for two units of competency of your choosing

Designing Clustered Materials and Assessments:


Most learners are bored and tired of repetitive unit by unit assessment and training.

Penny Wise!

Make your assessors and trainers happy as well as your learners AND SAVE MONEY!


This workshop provides hands on practice at clustering your learning materials and assessments over 2- 3 related units.


Now more than ever Validation needs to be correct. This workshop is hands on ( and yes you can bring assessments to be validated) and walks through the process of Validation and what needs to be considered when validating assessment processes and assessments. It’s not just a tick and flick!


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